Hello from Salisbury. Our sixth week of shows and my third blog! We aren't far off our half way mark now and we are really in to the swing of things.

One of my favourites things about touring is that you get to visit places that you wouldn't necessarily go to. You get to explore, see the sights, meet new people and try new things. Last week in Cambridge for example, I went punting on the Cam. When I first came to Cambridge I literally had no idea what that meant but learning it was just a nice ride on a wooden boat through along the beautiful riverside and nothing weird I had a go, and a very nice time I had too!

This week we are in Salisbury, somewhere I visited last year on tour, but it's always nice to revisit places as you get a sense of familiarity. I am staying in digs with our leading lady, Karina, and we are staying in the oldest residential building in Salisbury built in the 1300's. It is a beautiful old building with beams and twisty staircases and I really enjoy these different kind of experiences. Not all digs experiences are as pleasant, but that's a story for a different day.

We have also been doing some proper group bonding. This afternoon five of us went to a Hot Yoga class and for lunch at a vegan/gluten free cafe. I must say this is the healthiest and fittest cast I have ever worked with! But it’s all good, if we keep up with our yoga we will all be able to get our leg behind our heads come December (apart from Karina who can already do that!). So it's been really nice to spend some time as a cast too. Although sadly we are missing one cast member at the moment.

Jack who plays Mike has gone off this week for medical reasons, he will be rejoining us soon I'm happy to say, but whilst he is getting better, our male understudy Tom has stood up to be our leading man and a stellar job he's doing too!

Another bonus of touring is all the fab theatres you get to visit, they all offer something different. Salisbury Playhouse is a great space to play, perfect acoustics, good back stage area, nice auditorium and lovely staff. We've also had really big audiences all week which has been brilliant too! Something that has been different at Salisbury is that they offer touch tours and audio described performances for members of the audience who are visually impaired. On a touch tour the audience member comes before the show to meet the cast and come on to set too. A detailed description is given and they can feel things if they like too so they can get a sense of the world of the play before the show when they get the audio description whilst we perform. We get to meet them too, have a little chat and tell them who they are playing so they can get used to our voices.

I think touch tours this production are particularly unique as Karina who visually impaired too can help out. She knows exactly how to describe things and make sure things aren't missed out. In Wait Until Dark so much of the set and all the props are really important. The pipes on the back wall just look plain and ordinary but even those have a use! So that was great this week too. I wish every theatre offered touch tours and audio described performances as it allows the theatre to be accessible for everyone, exactly the way theatre should be. Hopefully the other places will catch up soon. I know we have some more coming up so shall look forward to them.

I will sign out for now, got a show to do! Till next time



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