We're in Richmond! After 2 weeks in Eastbourne I'm really enjoying being back among the hustle and bustle of London.

I really took advantage of the weather in Eastbourne. I cycled up through the South Downs most days and swam in the sea whenever possible. I do love the outdoors but deep down I'm a city boy. I need a cosmopolitan city. Somewhere I can find an independent artisan coffee shop (I love coffee), a good 24hr gym and most importantly craft beers on tap. 

London has it all!

The problem with all this convenience on your doorstep is that it comes with a price. As a touring actor I've occasionally got carried away with the excitement of playing a different city each week. New sights and smells are tempting. Sometimes so much convenience isn't so beneficial for the pocket.

Have you ever shopped at Whole Foods for example? To me it's close to food shopping heaven. Overpriced yes but it's bloody good! You can easily spend £10 on a box of salad. Ridiculous I know but when you're away from home and loved ones it's sometimes the little things that make a difference. Can you tell I like food? (and coffee).

Richmond is beautiful. The park is huge and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. The wild stags are absolutely stunning. So go take out a bank loan, go to Whole Foods to get your lunch, get a loaf of protein bread from the bread shop (recommended by Graeme, it's fantastic) and go to the park. Boom!

I suppose I should mention the show.

We had a big week this week. Press night on Tuesday which was packed and was probably our best show yet. Slick, sharp and exciting. I loved it. Such a great atmosphere backstage (even though I do have to listen to Tom & Graeme's awful wrestling banter).

A slight technical error on Wednesday as the lighting board blew. Fortunately New Wimbledon theatre were on hand to lend us theirs. Only 30 mins late going up. Typically that was the night I had friends in (they got a photo of the said lighting board making a dramatic entrance).

My agent also brought a guest this week so always a bit of added excitement when you need to be on top form. Extra espresso needed (did I mention I like coffee)?

The audiences have been great all week and the numbers very good too. Such a pleasure to play in such a beautiful Matcham theatre as this one.

Peace and love

Oliver x


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