Hello again, so here we are in the Devonshire Theatre in Eastbourne, which is of course out home for the next two weeks, the lighting and sound have really added another great element of suspense and thriller to this ... erm... suspenseful thriller! 

Tech week always involves 12/13 hour days, dark auditoriums, delirious actors who laugh at the slightest things who think no one notice when really our childishness is prevalent to all directors, designers and crew around. 

Today it is 25 degrees outside and the sun is beaming down on the seafront, however we are all wrapped up in over coats, three piece suits and cardigans in our windowless corridors as there is work to be done. 

Our final week of rehearsals in London went very well as we rehearsed into Saturday, in fact there was a mini Original Theatre Company outing where three gentleman of the company including myself, Tom (the mystery producer) and Graeme who plays Croker ended up going to a show Thursday evening in East London. Well, sort of, replace the word 'gentleman' with the word geeks and the word 'show' with Independent Wrestling event and the words 'ended up' with couldn't blummin' wait! 

Yes it is true, there are three grown men, one who is a father, another who produces high class theatre and we can't get enough of professional wrestling. Never have we been to an event where we were the only three people who could say to one another "oh, you shower as well". However it was great fun, and I even got to share a beer with a famous WWE wrestler, that Tom even caught on camera! What an outing it was.

As for tech week, all is going rather well, everyone has their own dressing room except myself and Oli, as we are sharing, he is so happy about it that he hasn't come in today 😉 I am hoping to eat my chicken pitta bread on the seafront at lunch then go for a run at dinner with the sea on my side, we shall see. See you folks down the road. 



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