Hello, I’m Shannon and I am blogging for the first time ever! I think you will be hearing from me a few times whilst we are out and about on the road so let’s hope I get the gist of it… 

So we are now into week three of rehearsals, as always it has flown by (we open in just two weeks!) but I am happy to report that things are going pretty swimmingly. We have a lovely cast and creative team and a cracking rehearsal venue which has allowed for a very fruitful process so far. 

In our first week we created the skeleton of the piece, the physical blocking and movements (on the actual set which was a nice treat!) and in week two we added the flesh to the bones, with in depth discussions about the characters, relationships, motivations and the rather complicated con that is going on. This week we bring the two together! Slowly but surely finding our feet again and bringing everything we discovered from our discussions. 

As a play Wait Until Dark is pretty huge in the possibilities it could have. The three actors playing the ‘baddie’ roles are not only tasked with playing their character but also their character playing a character within the con! It’s quite a minefield. But to do the piece justice we are making sure we know exactly what’s going for our characters at every point of the play. It ain’t easy but I do think this will create a really interesting and fully-rounded production for the audience. Luckily, we have four very fine actors Karina, Jack, Tim and Graeme who are tackling their way through the con and a very good job they are doing of it too.

We have also continued with our fight calls this week as Frederick Knott has thrown in some difficult fights, falls, slaps etc in to the mix too. My character Gloria isn’t involved in much of this business but I have been sitting in watching these fight calls and already I can see how tense these moments are going to be, especially at the end. The pace, the exciting choreography and of course the wonderful acting are creating sequences where you just don’t know what will happen next. It’s going to be on the edge of your seat viewing! 

On a lighter note, we also got to meet Gaston the Chihuahua this week. He is Ela’s (our lovely DSM) little dog who was extremely cute and well behaved and will be coming on tour with us. I particularly enjoyed meeting him and it will be nice to have a little furry friend travelling about with us too! 

That’s all from me for this week, tata for now 



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