To introduce myself, my name is Tom and I will be one of the actors putting down their thoughts, experiences and general nonsense for you in our show blog.  
Last week I walked into the kitchen whilst 3 of the cast were sat reading lines, getting to know one another, recalling anecdotes and all round being a newly put together cast. Then I made the announcement that after 3 days, I had bought tea bags, a huge cheer went out, I then built it further by stating it was Yorkshire Tea, the cheer was louder (free advertising there Yorkshire Tea, feel free to send samples!). Yes, the few tea drinkers had been without and I took the plunge to rectify, apart from that I understand there was some rehearsal of some scene taking place 😉
In all seriousness, rehearsals have really taken off, it cannot be understated how phenomenal it is to be rehearsing on a fully built set in our church hall near Victoria. The feel of it, nerves and reality have been there since day one which normally comes altogether at the Tech, but no, it is here now!  For me I am enjoying working with fellow actor chums from yesteryear Graeme and Oli, and the small cast means we are getting to know one another very quickly and very well, dare I say it, it’s going rather well.  I was chatting to Oli in our down time today and we had the best intentions to set a target of gym sessions, HIT workouts and keeping healthy on a budget, basically NOT GOING TO THE PUB, I will check this blog in a few months and see how we have done, hold your breath folks! 
As for the show, itself I think we are going to genuinely make audiences inquisitive, laugh and terrified as I had the privilege to witness one of the fights yesterday and ‘holy horror Batman!’, what a sequence it will be and it will look phenomenal. The show is building, the scenes have been discussed, unearthed and blocked with a view to further work, I am excited.
We also had a photographer in to catch us in action - fancy a sneak peek at our moves > take a look here!
I must now dash as I am moving out of my London residence until December hence I am packing for 4 months in a suitcase, what could possibly go wrong…?
Until next time,


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