Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,
Its Graeme, your third favourite baddie here. I’ve been pestered into blogging again so here I am and this will be the last blog ever coming from any of the cast for Wait Until Dark. We are in the final week. I am typing this mid-way through act 1 of our opening evening at the Yvonne Arnuad in Guildford. By the time Saturday evening comes along – we will finish the tour and it will be on our 100th show. That’s pretty cool.
It’s been an interesting tour in lots of way – both good and bad. I also have a permanent reminder of this tour, that being the ‘Z’ shaped scar about 6 inches down my left arm – every time I look at it, I will day dream fondly of performing 9 shows in 1 week, or nearly freezing to death whilst jogging around York. It’s been good that I managed to do a scene of the show using my own accent! WOOP WOOP! My good old Black Country tones very rarely get used professionally because I accept it’s not the most attractive accent in the world (if you’re thinking Doctors or Peaky Blinders whilst reading this – let me say 1) they’re Brummie and 2) they prefer employing folks with non-native bad accents – yeah, I said it and what?!)  so that was a genuine personal treat for me.
This was my first time of going to York for longer than 12 hours and also performing at the beautiful Theatre Royal. We had a great time, really good shows to really responsive audiences. Special mention to the family and friends of our very own – Shannon, who is from Scarborough so had lots of home support so hello to the Rewcroft massive! Anyway – York was so nice, super cold but nice. It was nice seeing around the walls, the nice classical pubs, streets like something out of Harry Potter and knowing that there is a ‘Christmas Dinner Wrap’ that is exactly what it sounds like but wrapped in a ‘Yorkshire Pudding’. I didn’t have one because I am being good but knowing they exist makes me very happy.
We did a nice post show Q&A after the show and it was facilitated by Damien Cruden, the artistic director of the theatre – I thought that was a really classy touch. To let you in from an acting perspective, getting work is hard and we desperately try to get seen by those associated to the industry. When you’re on tour, we try to be seen by the Artistic directors and the associate directors because they’re the ones that ‘could’ employ you. Having toured the UK 3 times over the last 18 months or so (and about 40 different theatres), I can tell you I only met perhaps 4 or 5 during this time. I know full well how busy and difficult it must be to run a theatre and how many shows/actors come in and out of the theatre, it must be like plate spinning so I am definitely not having ‘a go’ – just stating my experiences. For Damien to take the time to come and watch the show, introduce himself backstage and facilitate a Q&A with ‘his’ local audience and then finish with a strong speech asking the audience to spread the word and support their local theatre was really good to see. Lots of respect.
I don’t know how to wrap this blog up considering it’s the last one for this tour. Im going to do it and not talk about Wait Until Dark because essentially by the time you get this, its virtually over. I have done lots of blogging for Original over the last few years. Having toured UK with Invincible (twice), then New York and now this show and I do not foresee me working with Original for quite a while knowing what they have coming up so I will do a big plug. I would implore to keep your eyes peeled on everything about the company. They’re touring ‘An Importance of being Earnest’ in the New Year with Gwen Taylor & Susan Penhaligon (and some BIG cast news will be breaking very soon – keep your eyes peeled). For those of you that liked Invincible, then go and see the new show of its writer Torben Betts and his brand new show ‘Monogamy’ starring Janie Dee (who is currently getting rave reviews in Follies at the National), I have read ‘Monogamy’ and watched Torben develop it a number of times over the last 12 months and I really recommend it and I cannot wait to watch it. The Autum work of Original will also be very special - trust me.  
In the current climate, it’s difficult for theatre companies to survive without funding, without having trendy names attached and many different members of staff and more . . . so I would beg you to keep supporting Alastair, Tom, Emma & Emily (Cuckoo, Mr Pig, Meerkat & Racoon respectively) because they’re the heartbeat of Original Theatre Company and they need your support to keep producing and making the high-quality theatre they do and to keep touring it throughout the regions. Keep supporting, spread the word and recommend them. Follow them on social media and all that good stuff and continue shouting for them from the rooftops.  
And one last plug for me - If you enjoy my blogs, please visit my site where I will be blogging regularly in the build up to the London Marathon in April 2018 which I am running for charity – you can find all the details and how to donate on the site. Please share it as much as you can and donate if you want. Thank you.
Anyway – it’s the end of Wait Until Dark (kind of) so if you came to see us, spoke to us, shared and liked us on social media and generally supported and championed us, we thank you.
Take Care.
Graeme (Croker). x 


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