Hello Ladies and Gents,

Greetings from the New Wolsey in Ipswich. I hope you’re all well. Since the last Original blog by my lovely colleague Shannon, we have been to Southend and are now currently in Ipswich. We are in the middle of the toughest 3 week run of the tour. You usually perform 7 times per week (Tues-Sat with a matinee on a weekday and the Sat) however we are performing 8 shows, 9 shows and 8 shows over the next three weeks so we are all a little tired but hey – we are actors getting paid to be in a grand show so we have no place to moan beside to say ‘we are tired’. However, then we hit the last run before the show closes and Christmas is upon us. Oh, the joys – so if you’re in Cardiff, York or Guildford and around those surrounding areas – come see us! See what Libby Purves raved about this week after reviewing our show this week.

For me personally it’s been an annoying period of time as my arm has been in a cast since Malvern. As I said in my last blog, I tore my bicep in the show back in Eastbourne and sucked it up until our week off where I then had to have it surgically repaired and now I am stuck with my arm at a constant right angle. In Malvern, I performed with a sling on because I had too – however from Southend onwards, they changed the plaster and our amazing Wardrobe Supervisor, Daisy managed to cut sleeves out and all sorts to accommodate my wonky arm – so for those in Southend, Ipswich and Cardiff next week – you’ll see me perform with a hidden plaster. However, the comedy ensues as my arm that can’t move from the right angle it’s at, so it often ends up on my hip with my wrist floundering down looking like Kenneth Williams or like I’m going to burst into a rendition of ‘I’m a little Teapot’, not quite the look I was going for whilst playing a tough con man! I’ve had to be super aware not to do that, so lots of hand in pocket acting – that a speciality. It’s not been too bad however on occasion it catches our favourite psychopath ‘Roat’ out and gets a giggle from him.

Ipswich has been a lovely run for us – most shows have been over 75% full, the audiences super receptive. I really feel the show lends itself to being in the New Wolsey because of the shape of the theatre and the intimacy of it. Also, a shout out to the New Wolsey for being such a nice, welcoming bunch. We get there and their entire staff roll come out for a Meet & Greet, then we got a nice meal from their theatre kitchen, then a post-show drink and the show was seen by Chief Exec, Artistic Director and more. Between touring the country twice with ‘Invincible’ and now again with this over the last 18 months, this is very rare and as an actor – it really makes a big difference so thank you New Wolsey. It means a lot.

For a shameless plug for me – if you enjoy my blogs I have my own website that I have created as I am running the London Marathon next year for National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) so please do visit my site – and hopefully I can continue to amuse you after the show has come to a close.




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