Hi, me again. 
With a Malvern blog this time, after a lovely weeks break last week. I think we were all ready for a bit of rest after working twelve weeks straight through from the start of rehearsals in July! I had a nice time split between London and my home town Scarborough and you might think we would be sick of traveling touring somewhere new each week but there still was lots of travelling going on with the cast, popping to Spain, Germany, France, Wales and we now find ourselves back together in Malvern. It was lovely to catch up with everyone and to get back to the show too. When you've had a little break I always get this little bit of panic, what if I've forgotten everything?!? But doing the show over fifty times like we have done it's all still there, the lines and moves all come back naturally you've just got to trust it. We met early for a line run, were  reunited with our costumes and were ready to go! 
Malvern is another place I have been before so it was nice to be back. It is a small place surrounded by beautiful hills and full of history. C.S Lewis and JRR Tolkien both visited frequently to write and for a source of inspiration. There are 109 gas lamp lights in Malvern which are said to have inspired C.S Lewis's Narina when walked home one snowy winters night and the hills played part in inspiring Tolkien's The Lord the Rings and you can see why. Me, Karina and Jack tackled the hills together on Friday and the views were breath taking (as was the steepness of the hill to be quite honest!) But we had a great time chatting our way to the top, getting lungs full of fresh air before heading back down the hills to theatre. Not without a stop to Waitrose for a bite to eat first of course, it's the only supermarket near to the theatre so I think they got a lot of money from us this week! 
We did have a great week of shows in Malvern, it has a loyal following of audience members so we had nice full audiences all week which was nice to come back to and I think the week off meant things were refreshed too. But this was also the week that I slipped on a potato. Yes, a potato. On stage. In front of 300+ people. I'll explain...The last scene is in complete darkness and during the action some items get thrown including potatoes. The stage in Malvern has a rake so the potatoes, and some carrots actually, manage to roll their way to the front of the stage. When I trotted down the stairs towards Susy in the dark I didn't see the potato, slipped and went down like, well, a sack of potatoes! I got straight back up and carried on with the scene, thankfully the darkness could hide my red face! I did have a good laugh about it afterwards and escaped with just a small carpet burn on my knee. I think it adds to the authenticity of playing a twelve year old girl so it's all good and I've learnt to always keep eyes peeled for those dangerous, runaway potatoes! 
And on that note I shall leave you. Till next time, 
Shannon x 


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