Wow, I didn't see this coming! So around 2 weeks ago I was in my digs lying in bed when the phone rings, I see it is my company manager, I immediately know what is about to happen. I then get a call from my producer, Tom Hackney that he is coming to Cambridge from Liverpool as he has left a wedding (not his!) and wanted to be there, as a show of solid support from the company. Why all this commotion you ask? Well, it was because out male lead, Jack Ellis was taken off ill and I was going on that afternoon and Saturday evening in the wonderful Arts Theatre in Cambridge, Holy $%!*.

The Friday evening beforehand we went to the Eagle pub and luckily, I only had a couple of beers, as I could have easily found that Friday feeling and had a few more and then I would have been in trouble, eeek! But no, I was ready, nervous, excited, nervous and raring to go... Oh and did I mention? A bit nervous.

So, with a feeling of "Why the heck do I do this?" backstage and seeing 450 people seated out front I was about to go on in the lead in a part with a cast, whom I'd watched many times but never said the lines with on stage aloud, Rock and Roll eh?

Having said all that, the first show went grand and I was delighted I got through it all unscathed and from what I hear, word perfect, boom! Then the dread of the next show that evening came upon me and the cycle was reproduced. What a thrill, a what a ride! The company were amazing and even did an embarrassing hand salute to me at the curtain call, I must admit that Saturday after the show I did sink a few more beers as a pat on the back, but holy exhausted, Batman! I was completely spent.

Since then I have done a whole week in Salisbury which was fantastic, the show sold really well at the Playhouse and the audience reactions were phenomenal with even a few cheeky recognisable comments from audience members in the street. I have undertaken the role in Exeter and I now have 4 performances left as Mike, I must admit I shall miss the role and working with these wonderful actors each night but what a fantastic few weeks it has been.

My next blog will probably be a tad less interesting, but you never know, when on tour eh? Until next time….



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